In the Morning

After my morning Memrise session (still German 5), I spent half an hour playing “Wer Bin Ich?” (Guess Who?) with my girlfriend and her sister. In this game, players choose a card at random with the face of a fictional person on it. They then take turns guessing attributes of the other player’s character until they can work out which card they have. The first to do so wins.

This is quite a simple game, but it allowed me to easily and simultaneously speak German and learn new words (“Glatze” = bald head, “Brille” = glasses, and “Ohrringe” = earrings). So, I wondered if I could use a similar format to help me in my daily conversations.


My Script

After yesterday’s conversation, I decided that I should write my script for today using the second-person plural, “Ihr”. Today’s script read as follows:

- Entschuldigung, sprecht ihr Deutsch?

- Ich lerne Deutsch. Kann ich mit euch sprechen für ungefähr fünf 
minuten? Und kann ich uns für meinem Video blog filmen?

- Wollt ihr ein Spiel spielen?

- Okay, ihr konnt mir fünf Fragen stellen, und dann müsst ihr ratan
aus welchem Land ich komme. Bereit? Go!

This script is shorter than Monday’s one, but I hoped that its repeating structure (1 question followed by 1 answer, 5 times) would allow me to more easily understand what I was being asked.


The Conversation

Today we went to Odeonsplatz and, after walking around for a bit and getting an iced coffee, I sat down next to two women, Julia and Casey (I should have asked her how she spells that), and their dog, Kastor. We managed to talk for about twice the length that I did yesterday, carrying on the conversation after finishing my guessing game. Unfortunately, I was missing some vocabulary in some of the topics we discussed. But, Julia and Casey very kindly helped me out whenever it was needed.

A lion and a church
A statue of a lion and the Theatinerkirche in Munich’s Odeonsplatz.

Thanks to their help, I managed to learn a few new German words. One of which, “Schottland” = Scotland, I later reused (although incorrectly). Despite my numerous mistakes, I am proud that I was able to talk more or less off-script and still be understood. That said, I think that it would be best to spend more time preparing what I am going to say, at least for now.

Now, without further ado, here is our conversation:


What Needs Improvement?

Well. Still quite a lot really. Specifically, though, my pronunciation seemed to slip much more towards English today. This was probably made worse as I was speaking for longer this time. I especially need to practice saying umlauts!

The next thing that I should focus on is German word order. I am hoping that I will mostly pick this up with experience. However, if I can find some exercises to help me out then that would be even better.


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