After my break yesterday, I was feeling refreshed and ready to speak to some more locals. I headed over to the Botanischer Garten in Munich with my girlfriend. There were sections of the garden that were separated into different rooms so that the correct climates can be maintained. Some of the more exciting areas included a rainforest room, a cold chamber, and a Jurassic… joint (sure, that works). You can find out more about all the different rooms on the Botanischer Garten Site.

Some prehistoric-looking plants
The Jurassic (Cycadeen) Room

After walking around for a bit, and finding plenty of Nacktschnecke (naked snails), it appeared that the bad weather had turned most people away. In fact, the only people who were still around at the end were about to get married.

It's a slug
A Nacktschnecke!

Not wanting to interrupt the bride and groom to be, I asked my girlfriend if she would like to be my conversation partner for today. Luckily, she agreed.

I am looking at a leaf
That’s me, majestically checking out the foliage.


My Script

Rather than prepare a script for today, I decided to learn some “saving” phrases that I could use to help re-orientate myself if I ever had trouble understanding what had been said.

Here are the phrases I prepared:

- Entschuldigung, ich habe das nicht verstanden.
(Sorry, I didn't understand that.)

- Wie sagst man... auf Deutsch?
(How do you say... in German?)

- Was ist... auf Deutsch?
(What is... in German?)

- Kannst du das bitte wiederholen?
(Can you please repeat that?)

- Kannst du bitte etwas langsamer sprechen?
(Can you please talk a bit slower?)

- Guck mal! Es ist ein(e)...
(Look! It's a...)

The last of these phrases, which also happens to be my favourite, I discovered while watching the Lernen To Talk web show. The show follows an American called Micky and his weekly conversations over the course of a year as he, too, learns German in Germany!

If you are enjoying my German Challenge series, then you should also have a look at Micky’s adventures and those of his friends as they learn German, French, Amharic, and Arabic:

  • Follow this link to the Lernen To Talk site.
  • Or this one for a trailer introducing Micky’s German series (featuring many examples of “Guck mal!”).


The Conversation

While I had been practising my newly learnt lines on our trip to the gardens, I forgot to try them out on camera. Nonetheless, we managed to talk about the gardens, the weather, and our plans for the evening.

You can see the video below. I hope you enjoy it!


What Needs Improvement?

My conversations are still very clumsy, and I imagine that that will be the case for a while. However, I am feeling more confident while speaking German now and I think that I can make myself understood a lot more easily now than at the start of my challenge.


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