Impossible List

Impossible List

I’m a pretty ambitious person. I often daydream about learning something impressive or changing the world. Of course, almost everyone has these sorts of vague, far-off ambitions; but very few people actually act on them. With such numerous, poorly defined goals, it can be difficult to remember them all, let alone work on any of them. That’s where the Impossible List comes in!

I first discovered the Impossible List on Thomas Frank’s site, but the original idea came from Joel Runyon. Basically, it’s an ever-evolving list of near impossible things that I would like to achieve. As such, when I cross off my goals I will replace it with a something even more challenging (unless I feel fully satisfied with my ability/exploration of that task). This will ensure that I am always pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try something new. But I will do my best to make sure that the list only contains items that I intrinsically want to do (i.e. because I want to, not because I feel I should).

I would like to encourage anyone reading this to make their own Impossible List. Not only is it fun to list all your crazy ambitions, but it is even more fun to see that you are on the path to accomplishing them. I would also suggest you check out Thomas and Joel’s pages as they have both been doing this for a while and can give you an idea of what to expect.

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

– Nelson Mandela


Five Most Recent Successes

  1. Coming soon…


My Impossible List


  • Get an internship that makes me proud and excited.
  • Get a well-paying and impactful job (or create my own).
  • Participate in a Ludum Dare.
  • Do something fun with a Raspberry Pi.
  • Reach 50 blog posts (currently at 13).
  • Make a video series consisting of 10+ videos.
  • Publish an educational game.
  • Use VR/AR in an educational way.
  • Become financially independent.
  • Set up an educational institute/company.



  • English

    • Write a poem.
    • Write a short story.
    • Write a good (in my eyes) screenplay and see it performed onstage.
    • Get a creative work published.
  • French

    • Read a book in French and discuss it at a book club.
    • Write a short story in French.
  • German

    • Live in Germany for 3+ months, learning German.
    • Write a Brüder Grimm-style story.
    • Get B1 level McGraw-Hill Certification (Busuu).
  • Italian

    • Have a conversation entirely in Italian.
  • Japanese

    • Have a conversation entirely in Japanese.



  • Get a black belt in judo.
    • Nage no kata.
    • Competition points.
  • Deadlift 100kg for 5 reps (currently at 80kg x 5).
  • Squat 100kg for 5 reps (currently at 82.5kg x 5).
  • Bench press 80 kg for 5 reps (currently at 65kg x 5).
  • Do 15 pull-ups in a row.
  • Run 1km in 3:30.
  • Run a half-marathon in under 2:10 (current record 2:29:50).
  • Run 20km total a week for a month+.
  • Run a full marathon.
  • Be able to do front splits.
  • Be able to do side splits.
  • Learn a martial art that uses a weapon.
  • Learn some Muay Thai.
  • Get a BJJ belt.
  • Get into climbing.
  • Get into gymnastics.
  • Swim a mile.



  • Visit every continent.
    • Europe.
    • Africa.
    • Asia.
    • Oceania.
    • North America.
    • South America.
    • Antarctica.
  • Climb Mt. Fuji from base to summit.
  • Clim Mt. Kilimanjaro from base to summit.
  • Spend a week cycling.
  • See Petra.
  • See the Taj Mahal.
  • Ride a horse across the Great Steppe.
  • Ride a camel in the Sahara.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Drink a coffee in Marrakesh.
  • Spend a week camping.
  • Visit the Black Forest.
  • Spend Winter in a log cabin.
  • Visit Yellowstone national park.



  • Drive a rally car around a track.
  • Solve a Rubik’s cube in under 30 seconds.
  • Gain a stable ranking of 1400+ in blitz chess (currently around 1200).
  • Make (or print) my own chess set.
  • Perform on-stage in a leading role.
  • Do some voice acting.
  • Learn a magic routine that lasts 10+ minutes.
  • Learn a set on guitar that lasts over an hour.
    • Learn a 30-minute set.
    • Perform on stage.
  • Write a song.
  • Learn piano.
    • Play in an airport.
  • Finish a painting.
  • Draw every day for a week.
  • Have a piece of artwork on display in a gallery.
  • Make a working set of wooden cogs.
  • Dive 800+ metres in a personal submarine.
  • Go scuba diving.
  • Go free diving.
  • Use a glider.
  • Get a (private) pilot licence.
  • Memorise a shuffled deck of 52 cards in under 2 minutes.
  • Learn to work out the day of the week from any date.
  • Get back into maths.
    • Complete a course on calculus.
    • Complete a course on linear algebra.
    • Complete a course on discrete probability (my favourite area of maths).



  • Read the Tao of Seneca.
  • Start a blog series on Seneca.
  • Meditate every day for a month.
  • Fast for a week.
    • Fast for 3 days.
  • Sleep outside for a week.
  • Read A History of Western Philosophy.
  • Read 2 books a month for 6 months (currently reading about one book a month).