What I’m Doing Now

What I’m Doing Now

Welcome to my Now page, the best place to find out what I’m currently getting stuck into.

Current Goal: Start a Unity Series

22nd September: Start a series exploring, learning, and showing off what can be done with Unity. To start with, this series will be based on the Unity Course by Ben Tristem which can be found here.


  • Introduction post (Scheduled: Sept. 24th)
  • Number Wizard (Scheduled: Sept. 28th)
  • Text Adventure (Scheduled: Oct. 7th¬†Currently being rescheduled)
  • Block Breaker (Scheduled: Oct. 14th)
  • Laser Defender (Scheduled: Oct. 21th)
  • Glitch Garden (Scheduled: Oct. 28th)


Current Progress:

  • Block Breaker post is now live, although it is two days late as I got distracted by job applications over the weekend. (16/10/2017)
  • It took two days in the end but my Number Wizard post it now equipped with a video demonstration section. (30/09/2017)
  • Uploaded the Number Wizard post, although I need to edit and add the video to it tomorrow. (28/09/2017)
  • Finished Introduction post (although I am waiting to hear back about potential copyright issues before uploading it). (24/09/2017)
  • Copyright all cleared up, the first post is now live! (27/09/2017)


Previous Goals:

Add an employment section to The Learn Journ:

  • Added an Employment page to the site. This page merged the previous Resume and Aims and Interests pages. It also added a section on projects (although empty for now) and contact information. (22/09/2017)
  • After over a week of travelling, I’ve added downloadable versions of my online resume. (14/09/2017)
  • Updated online resume and about me pages. (06/09/2017)


Do a German Challenge week:


  • Stayed on the Memrise German 5 leaderboard.
  • Had a conversation for at least 5 minutes in German every day.
  • Did a blog post every day.
  • Uploaded a video 5 out of 7 days.


  • When to the Isarinselfest, had two conversations in German with two different groups of people, then did a review for the week in German. Uploaded the video, wrote a blog post, and shared everything on social media. (03/09/2017)
  • Uploaded yesterday’s video and made a blog post, carried on general practice and prepared for the final video of my challenge tomorrow. (02/09/2017)
  • Practised speaking German all morning, then went to the Botanical Gardens to film a conversation, didn’t manage¬†to upload the video though. (01/09/2017)
  • Filmed and edited a video, then uploaded a post for yesterday. Then made it to the top of the Memrise German 5 leaderboard and made another post about slowing things down to focus, no video this time though.(31/08/2017)
  • Spent a day at the Tegernsee, managed my Memrise quota but not much else. (30/08/2017)
  • Filmed, edited and uploaded the second video, wrote a blog post, wrote a brief script, and spent an hour and a half on Memrise (although now I am only fourth on the leaderboard, I still have my sights on first place for the end of the week though). (29/08/2017)
  • Uploaded a video, wrote a blog post, spent an hour writing, another hour on Memrise (currently third on the leaderboard!), and had a conversation that lasted about 3 minutes (but I’ll count it anyway, just this once). (28/08/2017)
  • Wrote a blog post about the challenge. (27/08/2017)


Set up the Learn Journ:

  • Set up social medias, added an online resume and contact page, and fixed SEO and readability (didn’t quite get green everywhere though). (24/08/2017).
  • Chose a theme (Nisarg), customised it, and set up a navigation bar, widgets, and plug-ins. (22/08/2017)
  • About and Now pages. (21/08/2017)
  • Set up domain etc. (20/08/17)